Hackman Frames Review.

"Without Delay" by Slade Wheeler.  Framed with a Hackman Frame
Beautiful handcrafted closed corner frames. Having spent 16 years in the picture framing industry, I am very particular about my frames. In fact, I'm so particular that after months of searching, trail-and-error, and never being completely satisfied, I finally decided to design my own "signature" framing moulding to better display my trompe l'oeil paintings. Hackman Frames custom mills the moulding to specified dimensions, applies exquisite hand-finishes and ships them in packaging that is so well protected that I usually reuse it when shipping the framed piece to the gallery. They offer a nice selection of moulding/framing options in various metal leaf and traditional multi-layered painted finishes and they're more than happy to "tweak" the colors or undertones to meet the needs of the artwork. Their email and phone communication is excellent and they're not shy about calling or emailing if they have any questions so that the frame is made right the first time and on time, which I always end up appreciating - especially when working with a strict deadline.

As far as prices, you'll always pay more for custom-finished closed corner frames, but in a gallery setting the frame becomes an important part of the look and feel of the piece. It can be a unifying link between multiple works (i.e. brand image), and has the potential to accentuate and lead the eye into the piece or detract from it. We've all seen beautiful works in horrible or even mediocre frames (yuk!) and this can be a huge distraction, so I'd always suggest using the most complimentary frame for the piece...no matter the cost. Art collectors have discerning eyes and they'll appreciate the finished look of high-quality frames. Hackman Frames are very reasonably priced for custom closed corner frames, in fact, I doubt that you'd find the same quality for a lower price...I searched an was unsuccessful. They also have an accurate price calculator on their website which bypasses the steps and wait for a quote...nice touch.

The Bottom Line: Every frame that I've ordered has been of the highest quality, the finishes are beautiful, the customer service is friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a high-quality framer.