An online forum for representational artists.

Launched earlier this year, Smartermarx is a representational drawing and painting forum created by artists Anthony and Leah Waichulis. With the site's growing community of artists, posts, and input, it is fast becoming an invaluable resource for all skill levels. Although there are many online painting forums, Smartermarx stands out because of the no-nonsense scientific approach to composition, technique, execution, etc. that curriculum creator and founder of Ani Academies, Anthony Waichulis, has become known for. I'm hoping that more seasoned professionals will add to the forum's knowledge base in the near future, but even in its early stages, there is more than enough to make the $1 per month membership worthwhile.

I should mention that, although I'm a fan of the work that they're doing, I'm not directly affiliated with Ani Academies, nor was I a student, I am only a Smartermarx member hoping to glean anything that I can and contribute where I can.

I hope to see you there!