Podcasts: Studio Entertainment.

I enjoy listening to podcasts while painting and with their growing popularity, there's something to fit most any mood. Below are some of my current favorites:

Note: Like all of us who strive to make a living from our craft, podcast creators are in the same boat, so please take the time to rate and review their work so that they can gain more support and continue making their podcasts.

Artists Tony Curanaj and Edward Minoff (two stellar painters) talk art with painters and other professional creatives. Informative, lighthearted and sometimes funny, It always feels as if I have friends hanging out in the studio talking about art while I paint.

Written and performed by Coleman Luck. It's a dark, supernatural story set in New Orleans, revolving around the enigmatic illusionist Robert Arthur Dagon, who has the ability to leave his body and enter unseen worlds. Without giving too much away, I'll just say it's unlike anything I've heard and I was hooked from the first episode.

One on one conversations with representational artists. Informal and informative, painter and host Danny Grant's asks his guests questions that lean toward their studio practices and daily routines. One of my favorite things about this podcast is that we always get the origin story of the artists.

Pacific Northwest Stories produces the following three selections and seems to offer some the highest quality serialized fiction podcasts. They are all similar in format, presented from the point of view of an investigative journalist podcaster, but the individual journeys are imaginative and unique.

      An ancient game, with missing players. How is it all connected?

      Follow Alex Reagan as she tries to prove or debunk supernatural phenomena.

      The search to answer one of the last great mysteries, "What is Tanis?"

Serialized fiction mini-series podcasts don't get much better than this. Another investigative journalist point of view, but this one explores the personalities of a hand full of inhabitants in an obscure small town. The characters are portrayed with just enough sensitivity and complexity that you'll feel as if you've grown to know them, and you'll miss them when it ends.

An educational podcast about things that aren't normally reported on or widely discussed. Every episode is interesting and thought provoking.

What can I say, I love the Beatles and so do the people who make this podcast. Fun, informative and perfect for the days that call for something lighthearted and musical.

Other favorites:

TED Talks

Science VS
PleinAir Podcast